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What We Offer

At Vizible Results, we specialize in providing innovative analytics consulting solutions to help your business achieve its goals. Our services include:

BI Program Assessment

Transaction data is a result of your internal processes. Missing data due to inefficient processes is the worst data challenge to have. Our consultants will work with you to identify process inefficiencies alongwith gaps, classification of your master data, and develop actionable strategies to address them.

Data Strategy and Visualization

If you are looking to augment your business intelligence team and need analysts, solution architects (for enterprise data strategy) we can certainly help. Our team is trained in various areas of the business and will work with you based on your business intelligence needs.

Change Management

Many clients go on to set up new initiaitves within their organization as a result of our insights. Our team is also trained to work with you to manage the complexities of change and ensure successful implementation of new strategic initiatives.

Incorporate AI in your environment

As you transition along Gartner's BI Maturity Roadmap to having a full service Business Intelligence team, we'll help you get to the next level - Adding AI into your BI program. We guide both IT and business teams to provide the path forward from. data exploration to understanding results.

Designed for executives, it is the only platform that offers insights on sustainable business growth.

Examples of business levers we focus on


Account 360

Your customer interacts with various aspects of your business. We gather data from multiple sources to assist you in comprehending the customer's activities, identifying potential opportunities, and more.


Product Adoption

We leverage your product data logs to provide insights on how your customers are interacting with your product. This analysis helps identify opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, or retraining.


Competitive Analysis

As we adapt to the current high interest rate environment, one of the strategies for growth is to target your competitors.  Effectively manage competition both at the Go-To-Market level and within your existing customer base.


Product P&L

You will gain comprehensive visibility into all your products, including the revenue they generate, the services they provide, and the revenue lost due to product bugs addressed by both the customer service and engineering teams


Lost Revenue

By leveraging this feature within our product, you can potentially recover up to 5% of your lost revenue. Additionally, our system actively monitors and provides alerts in the event of such situations, enabling management of inefficient processes effectively.


GTM Performance

In addition to evaluating pipeline and performance of the new business sales team, our product also monitors the effectiveness of CS teams, partners, and other relevant channels as required. This comprehensive monitoring ensures that all aspects of your business are optimized for success.

Process & Partnership

At Vizible Results, we take a holistic approach to Growth. Our vision is the result of 20+ years of expertise in the field of analytics. We strongly believe that our Insights is not a service that we sell you, but a process we go through together. 


Understand current Business Intelligence challenges

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Conduct an assessment of the client's infrastructure and data setup

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Make recommendations based on business needs


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