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Imagine you had all the insights to make the decisions

We help companies improve their business outcomes for faster revenue growth and improved operating margins

Faster time to Insights for Speed & Decision making

Flexibility & Scalability: Adapting to Your Business

Better Collaboration: All teams  on the same page


Business outcomes we help deliver on

Revenue Intelligence

As you sell additional products or buy new companies, do you have the right data to manage Go To Market complexity? We will evaluate your master data along with with your transaction data to help you up-sell, cross-sell and retain customers.

Increase Market Share.

Operational Intelligence

Not only do we ensure you are capturing required data for operational efficiency, we also help you connect the dots between your operations and GTM processes so that you can capture the full buyer's journey for a full 360 view of the customer.

Maximize Efficiency.

Risk Management

In addition to identifying customers at risk based on satisfaction, credit etc, we also help you monitor risks associated with business, financial, competitor, partner risks so that you are not blindsided by the trends in the industry.

Increase pro-active oversight.


Missing Actionable Insights

 According to a survey conducted by

Accenture, only 27% of executives interviewed, said data and analytics

projects produced insights that were highly


A software company has a tech stack of about 153 applications on an average (per Okta's Business at Work Report). How can you realize value with so many data silos?



Reasons for low BI program success rate

Siloed Analysis

BI solutions in the market are all self service solutions - you need an analyst who connects to an application resulting in siloed dashboards. As companies opt for best in breed, point solutions, they create their own data silos. Unfortunately, these siloed dashboards lack holistic context thus impacting decision making and business outcomes. 

Access & Talent issue

To maximize business value, holistic analysis is key. However the challenge lies in providing access to data across departments. In addition to access, there is a limited pool of talent that has the domain knowledge to  analyze data across the whole company.  

Enterprise Data Strategy

No department within a company can function in isolation. As the BI journey progresses from excel spreadsheets to self service BI subscriptions to enterprise BI subscriptions, they are set up for failure due to department silos. In order for the BI program to be successful, the enterprise data team needs to bridge data gaps and provide insights on trends in business levers (which are cross-functional in nature).

Why choose
Vizible Results?

Actionable Insights to increase Profitability

Fragmented decision making is a result of siloed analysis since, teams do not have comprehensive view of all the relevant data. This is a symptom of deeper issue that organizations fail to address.

In order to get actionable insights, you need to have holistic view of the data. We take an unique approach to analytics, providing end-to-end solution that help businesses achieve their goals.

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