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Get actionable insights to grow sustainably
Make informed decisions

Discover Growth signals & Blindspots - all in one place.


Path to Profitability

Revenue Intelligence

Profile the right customers to reduce future churn,  increase share of the wallet, improve monetization and reduce customer churn. 

Increase Market Share.

Operational Intelligence

Customer centricity is the core of a SaaS business model. Not only do we evaluate cost to acquire the customer, we also evaluate cost to serve the customer.

Maximize Engagement.

Risk Management

In addition to identifying customers at risk based on satisfaction, credit etc, we also monitor business, financial, competitor, partner risks to keep you informed.

Increase pro-active oversight.

Missing Actionable Insights

Are you drowning in a sea of dashboards? or are you stitching together data from various applications to make sense of it all?

You are not alone. According to a survey conducted by Accenture, only 27% said data and analytics projects produced insights that were highly actionable. 

Per Okta's Business Report, a technology company has about 158 applications on an average. How can you realize value with so many data silos?



Current state of Business Intelligence

Fragmented Analysis

Current BI solutions offer connectivity to all applications and make it easy to pull data and analyze. However, these siloed dashboards lack relevant context thus impacting decision making and business outcomes. 

Access & Talent issue

To maximize business success, comprehensive analysis is key. However the challenge lies in providing access to data across departments. In addition to access, there is a limited pool of talent that can analyze data across the company.  


Unlocking valuable insights into your business comes with a cost. Although the price of single BI license may be low, you still need an analyst and supporting infrastructure to convert this data into insights. As you add on seats or invest in enterprise BI license, the price increases dramatically


Unique benefits


It is all seamless. We tap all the relevant data sources to pull the insights you need for the departments and the whole company


Immediate Insight. With our application, you don’t need to wait days or even hours.

Cost Effective

As the algorithms do the heavy lifting, our solutions comes at an affordable price

AI Driven

Algorithms do the work to keep you abreast of all the trends within your markets.


Your data security is of utmost importance to us. Please see section on Security for additional information.


As you add more customers, products, or buy companies, our platform will scale accordingly.

Process & Partnership

At Vizible Results, we take a holistic approach to Growth. We strongly believe that Insights is not a product that we sell you, but a process we go through together. Creating mutual value - one that involves discovering your goals, identifying resources and creating a growth roadmap based on your needs


Assess the customer's current processes and master data

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2. ACT

Correct the gaps. Provision and run the data through the software

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Add new insights based on customer's business needs

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