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Business Intelligence transformed.

Introducing the only BI platform that is automated, holistic and curated to drive Growth, Profit and Efficiency


Path to Higher Valuation for SaaS companies

Revenue Intelligence

Profile the right customers to reduce future churn,  increase share of the wallet, improve monetization and reduce customer churn. 

Increase Market Share.

Operational Intelligence

Customer centricity is the core of a SaaS business model. Not only do we evaluate cost to acquire the customer, we also evaluate cost to serve the customer.

Maximize Engagement.

Risk Management

In addition to identifying customers at risk based on satisfaction, credit etc, we also monitor business, financial, competitor, partner risks to keep you informed.

Increase pro-active oversight.

Increase your Revenue upto 5%

According to BCG:

  • 73% of companies do not have automated revenue assurance processes

  • 64% do not have standardized revenue assurance tools in their enterprise datasystems

  • 59% do not devote any full-time staff to revenue assurance 


Fill out the form to identify areas of revenue leakage within your company. 

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Current state of Business Intelligence

Siloed Analysis

BI solutions in the market are all self service solutions - you need an analyst who connects to an application resulting in siloed dashboards. However, these siloed dashboards lack holistic context thus impacting decision making and business outcomes. 

Access & Talent issue

To maximize business value, holistic analysis is key. However the challenge lies in providing access to data across departments. In addition to access, there is a limited pool of talent that have the domain knowledge to  analyze data across the whole company.  


Although the price of single BI license may be low, you still need an analyst and supporting infrastructure to convert the data into insights. For holistic analysis, you need an enterprise BI license - which is significantly expensive. Why spend millions on a BI program with <35% success rate?


Missing Actionable Insights

 According to a survey conducted by

Accenture, only 27% said data and analytics

projects produced insights that were highly


A tech company has about 158 applications

on an average (per Okta's Business at Work

Report). How can you realize value with so

many data silos?



Unique Benefits

All Business Intelligence platforms available in the market today are self-service platforms. Our software is the only Centralized Business Intelligence tool that is Automated, Holistic and Curated for your business.


It is all seamless. We tap all the relevant data sources to pull the insights you need for the departments and the whole company


Actionable Insights, that are directly associated with Business outcomes. No need to sift through mountains of dashboards and stitch analytics to identify trends

Cost Effective

As the algorithms do the heavy lifting, our solutions comes at an affordable price


Algorithms do the work to keep you abreast of all the trends within your markets. There is no room for manual error


Your data security is of utmost importance to us. Please see Product section on Security for additional information.


As you add more customers, products, or buy companies, our platform will scale accordingly.

Macro economic Climate

Actionable Insights to increase Runway & Valuation

High cost of capital is here to stay for a forseeable future resulting in lower valuations. In order to extend your runway in a slow growth environment, you need to manage competition and grow efficiently. We can help.

Process & Partnership

At Vizible Results, we take a holistic approach to Growth. Our vision is the result of 20+ years of expertise in the field of analytics. We strongly believe that Insights is not a product that we sell you, but a process we go through together. 


Assess the customer's current processes and master data

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2. ACT

Correct the gaps. Provision and run the data through the software

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Add new insights based on customer's specific business needs

Some examples of Use Cases we monitor


Account 360

Your customer interacts with various aspects of your business. We gather data from multiple sources to assist you in comprehending the customer's activities, identifying potential opportunities, and more.


Product Adoption

We leverage your product data logs to provide insights on how your customers are interacting with your product. This analysis helps identify opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, or retraining.


Competitive Analysis

As we adapt to the current high interest rate environment, one of the strategies for growth is to target your competitors.  Effectively manage competition both at the Go-To-Market level and within your existing customer base.


Product P&L

You will gain comprehensive visibility into all your products, including the revenue they generate, the services they provide, and the revenue lost due to product bugs addressed by both the customer service and engineering teams


Lost Revenue

By leveraging this feature within our product, you can potentially recover up to 5% of your lost revenue. Additionally, our system actively monitors and provides alerts in the event of such situations, enabling management of inefficient processes effectively.


GTM Performance

In addition to evaluating pipeline and performance of the new business sales team, our product also monitors the effectiveness of CS teams, partners, and other relevant channels as required. This comprehensive monitoring ensures that all aspects of your business are optimized for success.

Abstract Background

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